“Spring in Cowboy Country Tour” with the Media

February 14-16, 2010


(Phoenix, AZ) Twisted Trailz Excursions, LLC announces a new spring time (in Arizona) motorcycle tour of Cowboy Country and Cowboy Country. American Iron magazine editor Chris Maida, and columnist Genevieve Schmitt, also editor of WomenRidersNow.com will be joining us on this tour to spend 3 days and 2 nights in sunny Arizona on Feb. 14-16, 2010 touring some of history’s most infamous cowboy territory. You too can join us for this two wheeled adventure on your own steel horse! For you couples, what a great Valentine’s gift! With southern Arizona temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s and plenty of sunshine, you can escape the snow and cold for an authentic “old west” motorcycle adventure!


We will visit Tombstone - the home of the legendary OK Corral and the Earp Brothers, historic Bisbee – with the Lavender Pit and Copper Queen Mines, Old Tucson – where hundreds of classic western movies have been filmed, and more… This tour is guaranteed to bring out the cowboy in you!!!!


Hosted by Twisted Trailz Excursions, LLC, this tour includes 2 nights’ unique southwest accommodations, all route planning, professional tour guide, entrance fees for attractions, breakfast each morning, and rental bikes (if needed). More information on this tour and others, pricing, and reservation forms can be found by visiting their website at www.twistedtrailz.com.



Space is limited to 10 bikes for this special event, so the first 10 reservations win! Final deadline for registrations is Jan. 15, 2010 if not sold out before then, so DON”T DELAY! BOOK YOUR RESERVATIONS NOW at www.twistedtrailz.com or call 602-795-8888!


“Come ride with us, the memories you take away will last a lifetime!”



Contact: Ron Booth
Phone: 602-795-8888





 (Phoenix, AZ) Twisted Trailz Excursions, LLC recently began operations in Phoenix, AZ with the idea of offering guided motorcycle tours throughout the southwest. But with a different ‘twist’.

            This truly authentic southwest experience would feature open road motorcycle touring, nightly accommodations chosen for their cultural or historic southwestern ambience, and route planning on some of the finest two lane back roads in the country that offers a perspective not found from an automobile traveling the interstates. Add to this the highest level of personal service throughout the tour, and you have a true southwest experience for guests.

            Owner and tour operator Ron Booth says, “The idea of guided motorcycle tours in Arizona is certainly not new. What sets us apart from virtually everyone else is the level of service we provide, and the overall experience we strive to create for our guests. We create adventures!”

            Twisted Trailz offers several tour adventures, all of which have a particular theme. For example, one tour called Cowboy Country, explores some of the states’ historical old west towns like Tombstone and Bisbee.

            “You can’t get a true flavor of the old west by riding your steel horse into town and staying at a Motel 6”, says Booth. “Our guests come from all over the world to ride motorcycles through this beautiful area, so why not create an adventure that makes the most memorable vacation you’ve ever had on two wheels!”

            Other excursions include The Grand Canyon, the Red Rocks of Sedona, Williams, the Painted Desert, Canyon De Chelly, Monument Valley, the White Mountains, southern Colorado, and parts of Utah. The biggest problem you may face is deciding which adventure to take first!

            Twisted Trailz removes all the anxiety of planning, scheduling, arranging, and booking a motorcycle adventure. The accommodations chosen for each tour are typically highly rated rustic lodges and inns, bed and breakfasts and historic hotels. They tend to avoid chain motels used by most organized tours in favor of more quaint and authentic examples of southwest hospitality.

            In these times of extreme gas prices, visitors now have a viable alternative on how  to tour the countryside while soaking up the history and culture of the American southwest.

            For more information about Twisted Trailz Excursions’ tours and services, you may visit their website at www.twistedtrailz.com.